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Our Authors

Mary Alford
Jodie Bailey
Leigh Bale
Lorraine Beatty
Jo Ann Brown
Dana Corbit
Lyn Cote
Margaret Daley
Janet Dean
Danica Favorite
Debby Giusti
Linda Goodnight
Louise M. Gouge
Winnie Griggs
Keli Gwyn
Eva Maria Hamilton
Valerie Hansen
Leann Harris
Ruth Logan Herne
Myra Johnson
Glynna Kaye
Dana R. Lynn
Dana Mentink
Jenna Mindel
Marta Perry
Barbara Phinney
Allie Pleiter
Carol J. Post
Tina Radcliffe
Terri Reed
Sandra Robbins
Regina Scott
Camy Tang
Missy Tippens
Pamela Tracy
Janet Tronstad
Hope White

Continuity Series List (series written by more than one author) and Long Series by Individual Authors