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Ruth Logan Herne

Married for thirty-six years to a patient man who probably should have thought twice before proposing, Ruthy loves God, her family, chocolate, frappuccinos and Reba McIntyre, not always in that order. Mother of six,  Ruthy embraces a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ mentality after realizing worry produces gray hair and crow’s feet, neither of which has a cheap, quick fix. Smiles draw more people than frowns and possums should never, ever, ever eat the cat’s food, even when left on the side porch.  Sigh…

Born into poverty, Ruthy brandishes a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps mentality, she abhors whining (except her own), thinks snakes should ALWAYS live outside and small children should be declared miracles, each and every one. She spends her early mornings writing wonderful books to make people laugh and cry, then gets paid to work with small, sometimes-wet-nosed children and babies for the duration of the day. Talk about a win/win.

Visitors at her historic (that’s just a sweet-up way of saying “OLD”) farmhouse are treated to wonderful coffee, delicious baked goods, sticky fingers, dusty floors, scrunched towels and Golden Retrievers who drive her husband nuts.

She welcomes visitors to her website where folks find “Ruthyisms” galore, great recipes, a listening ear and thoughtful harangues on various topics.  She’s “Grammy” to seven amazing  gifts of God, and she embraces  their help in the kitchen because little hands make better cookies than any old hollow tree elf and she’ll defend that position (among others) with true Celtic vigor.


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