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Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small Tennessee college town where she grew up. Until a few years ago she was working as an elementary school principal, but God opened the door for her to become a full time writer. She admits it’s a relief to step out of bed in the mornings and head to her computer instead of rushing off to greet teachers and children as they arrive at school! Her first attempts at creating a novel were directed toward historical romance. A childhood love of Nancy Drew mysteries, however, gave her a different direction, and now she spends her days dreaming up mayhem and mystery in the lives of her characters. Today as she plots her latest mystery or suspense, she thinks about Nancy and all the pleasure she's given to girls through the years. Like Nancy Drew she wants to entice the reader to keep turning the page until wrongs have been righted and romance has blossomed in her characters’ lives.


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