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Winnie Griggs

Winnie Griggs is a city girl born and raised in Southeast Louisiana’s Cajun Country who grew up to marry a small town farm boy from the piney hills of Northwest Louisiana. Though her Prince Charming (who often wears the guise of a cattle rancher) is more comfortable riding a tractor than a white steed, the two of them and have been living out their own storybook happily ever after for 30+ years. During that time they raised four proud-to-call-them-mine children and a too-numerous-to-count assortment of dogs, cats, aquarium fish, hamsters, turtles and 4-H sheep.

With a BS degree in mathematics and a minor in Computer Science, Winnie has held an 8:00-5:00 job in the Computer Programming/ Information Technology field since she graduated from college. But that’s just how she helps to pay the bills. In truth, her favorite use for a computer is as a drafting tool and repository for her writing. During the years preceding her sale she wrote several books and submitted them to numerous writing contests. To her amazement and delight, she won or placed in many of these, among them the Colorado Gold Editor’s Choice Award for Romance.

Her biggest thrill as a writer, however, came in May of 2000 when she received that dream-come-true call heralding her first sale.

The second high point, however, came in the fall of 2007 when she was offered a two book contract by Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired Historical line. The first of these, Hand Me Down Family, will hit the shelves in March of 2009.

In addition to her day job and writing careers, Winnie has served on the board of a number of writing organizations, chaired writers conferences and contests, serves on committees within her church, and is active in several civic organizations - after all, she’s a firm believer in the adage that you reap in proportion to what you sow.

Winnie’s three favorite activities, outside of writing and reading, are cooking, exploring flea markets and pretending the ever-increasing army of dust bunnies who have invaded her home will disappear on their own if she just ignores them long enough.

Winnie enjoys hearing from her readers. You can contact her at P.O.Box 398, Plain Dealing, LA 71064, or e-mail her at


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