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Linda Goodnight

Once upon a time, Linda Goodnight was having a pity party. She asked the Lord why He had given everyone else a special talent but had left her out. She couldn’t sew, decorate, do crafts, or play an instrument, and she was lousy at sports. About this same time she began to dabble with the idea of writing a book. She’d always loved the power and beauty of words and read everything in sight, even the backs of boxes and instruction manuals, but never considered this as anything special. When she entered a manuscript in a contest and won, a little voice in her head said, “There you go.” So, she stopped asking God for a talent and began to hone the one He’d graciously provided.

Today Linda is the author of more than twenty published novels with more to come. A native Oklahoman, she lives in the country with her husband Gene. They have a blended family of six grown children, a handful of grandkids and an ever-changing menagerie of pets. She balances her writing career with teaching an energetic class of fifth graders and doing all she can to aid orphans of the world. To Linda, being a published author is truly a blessing from God for which she is deeply grateful.

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