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Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote and her husband now live on the shores of a clear glacial lake in the northwoods of Wisconsin. After her husband was downsized in all the repercussions of 9/11, they ended up selling their home in Iowa and moving to their "retirement" home—many years earlier than they had anticipated. But God has provided. Lyn has been busy writing and her husband found a job he loves in the northwoods. The only downside was leaving friends and their two children in Iowa. The upside is that she and her husband are living in a beautiful and peaceful setting. But to keep things from getting too quiet and relaxed, they went to the local animal shelter and picked out two cats—a dainty little golden tabby that Lyn named Sadie and a big gold and white Tom that her husband named V-8. Not for the juice for the engine. V-8 has a mighty purr! His other nickname is Cadillac cat because he's a very large cat. One of his most endearing traits is loving to lie like a baby in Lyn's lap. He has a hard time understanding he can't do this when she's writing with her laptop in her lap. Some days this is Lyn's largest obstacle to get her writing done!

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